• 〈Mother Dog with Baby〉
    2023 Wachirawit Boonsawat(Kingdom of Thailand )©Kanagawa

  • 〈Portrait〉
    2023 Laura Falkowska(Republic of Poland)©Kanagawa

  • 〈Is it Ready “Tasty Scallop”?〉
    2023 Unozawa Rio(Yokohama City)©Kanagawa

About us

This event exhibits children’s art
from all over the world,
and is intended to use the power of painting to foster the dreams
and creativity of young children who will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.
The exhibition is also intended to further
understanding of the world’s diverse cultures and lifestyles in the world.

Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition
was planned on the occasion of the International Year of the Child of 1979,
and started in 1981 as part of the “People-to-people Diplomacy”,
an initiative promoted by Kanagawa Prefectural Government at that time.
Since then, this art exhibition has been held every two years.

(“Biennial” is a italian term used
within the art world to describe
an international exhibition
once every two years. )